7/25/2014 1:00 PM

Windows Embedded Compact (WEC) is a good alternative for Industrial automation applications.
WEC ( WinCE ) don´t support FrameWork 3.5 nor 4.0, it supports Compact FrameWork , for WEC 2013 the Compact Framework 3.9
My suggestion is to implemente CADlib also for WinCE, it will be very usefull for industrial automation applications.

7/25/2014 4:15 PM

Thanks for your suggestion!

I'm not familiar with the restrictions of Compact FrameWork. But after my experiences with porting to Silverlight which is quite restricted in comparison to plain .NET I fear the restrictions are even more painful. CadLib is using a lot of advanced features of the .NET platform, so porting to restricted targets often means to reimplement these features. Often this is a lot of work, which would have to pay off in the long run. Not always easy to decide whether it is worth the effort in this case.

Do you know any good resources showing an overview of the restrictions of WEC compared to plain .NET?

- Rammi

7/25/2014 10:47 PM

Our personal experience reveals that this might be a painful experience, many properties normally available in normal framework are missing on Compact Framework. First you will have to complile and fix the compilation errors, then you will have to fix unexpected bad behaviour on screen objects... really not an easy task if your software is really connected to the .Net Framework.
We decided to invest in WinCE because of the savings in license cost and also because WinCE is hard real time OS, very good for Industrial Automation.
WEC 2013 is realy good OS, it uses Compact Framework 3.9. Visual Studio 2013 includes Silverlight, but in WinCE, Silverlight is in C++ , not C# ... thanks to Microsoft, unfortunatelly another serious limitation for WinCe.