Problems with German Umlauts

4/17/2019 1:45 PM


In the attached DXF-file there are some texts with umlauts (ü, ä, etc.) that are encoded as plain ASCII characters, e.g. ü as 0xFC in the text "Brückengasse". But CadLib doesn't read them correctly. I've already tried to change the encoding of the input stream while reading the model but with no luck. Is there another way to specify the correct encoding of the DXF-file?

I'm using the latest CadLib-version.

Best regards,

4/18/2019 2:27 PM

Hi Gerd,

This DXF file is corrupt. AutoCAD 2018 won't even open it.

- Wout

4/20/2019 4:21 PM

The problem with the file is that it contains text in ISO8859-1 encoding. It indeed states so in the header. But it is written in a newer DXF version where the encoding is always UTF-8 regardless of this header setting.

So indeed this is a problem of the program creating the DXF. Maybe you can tweak it to use UTF-8 encoding or to write a version earlier than AC1021 (i.e. AutoCAD 2007, which is the version where using always UTF-8 began).

- Rammi

4/23/2019 7:16 AM

Okay, thanks for the hint.