CadLib .NET Standard -> PNG

Chris Smith
5/16/2019 11:01 AM

Hi Wout,

Just wondering if the .NET Standard version of CadLib still uses GDI+ to render to PNG?

We are still having some random thread safety issues with CadLib 4 save-to-png under ASP.NET and I was wondering if the new version might be safer?

Are we able to use the .NET standard version under our CadLib 4 license or is that a separate purchase?


5/20/2019 12:52 PM

Hi Chris,

The .NET Standard version only works in .NET Core currently by the way.

It does not use GDI+ rendering, but a software rendering library, so it's an order of magnitude slower (don't remember how much exactly, but probably factor 2-10).

It's a separate purchase since there was additional work writing replacement code that is no longer present in .NET Core.

- Wout