.Net 5

Blair Companies
9/24/2021 1:52 PM

Do you have plans to release a .net 5 version of CadLib?

11/20/2021 2:34 PM


Yes, it's probably going to be around January 2022. CadLib is currently mostly up and running under .NET 5.0 as a windows class library (so not .NET Core), so this will be a straight conversion from CadLib 4.0 (.NET Framework 4.x) for Windows users. I still need to convert all the sample applications, redo the obfuscation, more testing etc, but the main conversion is done.

For .NET Core, there's the WW.Cad.NetStandard version already (for .NET Core 3.1), so I'll need to upgrade that to 5.0 later.

- Wout