CadLib 6 multi-platform trial opens multiple times in default browser

4/27/2022 11:54 AM


Because the CadLib 6 multi-platform has no Forms dependencies I understand that it's not possible to invoke a dialog stating the use of the trial so CadLib is instead opening the woutware webpage. I also understand that you want to introduce 'some' friction for programs using the trial version.

However, CadLib trial will trigger 0, 1 or more 'messages' - if the message takes the form of a dialog then it can be easily closed by accepting the dialog prompt, opening a webpage multiple times during the same execution context is maybe a bit too much friction as the default browser is used which may have existing tabs, so each individual new tab must be closed manually instead.

Again, I accept 'some' friction while using the trial but can you limit the messages to only 1 instance per execution? Thanks.

4/27/2022 2:13 PM


Yes understandable. I'll see if I can make the experience a bit more pleasurable.

- Wout