Whether to use nuget gallery or downloaded cadlib

9/29/2022 2:19 PM

Hello there,

what distrbuted version is best to use of CadLib .Net 6.0? The one from NuGet Gallery or the one downloaded from the website?

Is one of them more up to date or more frequently updated? If yes, to what extend?


9/29/2022 2:25 PM


The one on the web site is for Windows, and the one on Nuget is multi-platform and uses software rendering (is also more expensive). The reason the multi-platform version is on Nuget is that it has other nuget dependencies and it's easier to publish on Nuget. The Windows version doesn't have any nuget dependencies, so it's still using the old fashioned setup, which I prefer. The code base is the same for both versions, the only difference is the rendering (Windows uses GDI+ and multi-platform uses software rendering).

- Wout

9/29/2022 2:27 PM

Ok, good to know. Thanks for the quick reply.