WW.GL screenshot


Required: .NET Framework 3.5  .NET Framework
Recommended: Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5
Required: OpenGL 1.1  
(software driver always present on Windows)

WW.GL 3.5

OpenGL in .NET has never been easier! WW.GL is a typesafe wrapper around OpenGL 1.1. Unlike in other OpenGL wrappers, all OpenGL constants are represented by enums, letting you take full advantage of intellisense and autocompletion. Let the compiler catch the errors for you: all method signatures make full use of these enums.

Below is a typical C# code snippet showing how easy WW.GL's type safety makes OpenGL programming:

GL.LightModeli(LightModelParameter.TwoSide, true);
GL.LightModeli(LightModelParameter.Ambient, true);
WW.GL OpenGL tessellation example Tessellation example (a star is cut out from the grey square, and the resulting polygon is tessellated).
WW.GL OpenGL texture example Texturing example.